Two Out Of Three Not Such Good Odds

What are the odds 

Imagine finding your self freedom after 2 yrs. in in prison with 2 years parole and $200.00 dollars in your pocket and 500 miles from home?What to do next is the most important choice that will be the deciding factor. in your success as far as going back to prison Although every persons situation is different.

Odds are that as few as 10% of us have a place to go when released from prison.Which amounts to a high turn around in re violating The system is broken and we have no resolution in sight.

Here are a few sources that may be able to use when released. The Salvation Army is a good source They do have some pretty strict rules. This is a temporary solution. But a safe one.

Here’s another resource and It’s called Resources for Parolees depending which state you get paroled from. You will find that there is quite a bit of resources Some have housing temporary and long term.

There is a new piece of information that you may find as important when filling out your applications. This new policy is in about 20 to 30 states and more are choosing to use it it is called Ban The Box. It is no longer a choice on applications where asks if you are a felon to check mark the box. It is getting deleted from applications.I am not sure which states have changed there application process.

So that brings me to my next part of my post. There is a lot of help for felons.Today I will bring you one that is by far the best that I have had the opportunity to work with. Please do me a favor and Google the reviews you can even check it on You Tube.

And if you join these are some of the resources that come with W.A. You are given two free websites to build the way you want them. You could start a business or if you have a business you could use them to promote the one you have. And if you have never done this type of work well no worries the support is by far the best in the business. Now is the time to get this invaluable opportunity.

So my final words for this post is this if you have any questions oh by the way take a few minutes and leave me a comment thank you.

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