The Gray Hairs [Wisdom Or Worry]


 Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving today is the 24th of November.


This is to give you an update on my progress with Wealthy Affiliate. I am pleased to say that I am doing quite well. It’s been a  hell of a ride!

I have learned so much in the month and a half, I really thought this was going to be easy was I wrong but again it’s not hard It’s frustrating, It’s focusing. It’s fatigue.But you also have the positive.

Opening up the possibilities for your future. Financially allowing you to do what you couldn’t do before. I know one thing. If I can do it, So can you! Believe me, the gray hairs If I didn’t have, I do now. Just yesterday I was ready to trash my site

For the life of me I could not figure out how to put banners and links now i do with the help of one of the other guys that are a part of Wealthy Affiliate.So I want you to go now and click on my banners and sign up you won’t regret it Especially if you want the freedom that W.A. is offering you and with help from us in W.A. you can’t go wrong. 

So with that I am going to get ready for a big plate of Turkey and fixings

 Hope to hear from you soon!! 


2 thoughts on “The Gray Hairs [Wisdom Or Worry]

  1. Hi Poncho,
    This is a terrible scam, but thank you for sharing it so that I could be more aware. You really have to be diligent about getting and learning all the facts before you give away your money. It’s a scary world out there, but people like you help to make it a little less scary. Thank you.

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