Starting a Small Online Business

    My experience for running a small business or starting is the best. No one better! The truth of the matter is before two months ago
I did not have a clue. Could I barely navigate my phone?

I struggle with all the lingo of the computer and marketing world.Affiliated

programs you name it.

Barely even able to complete a survey. And I think that there is a lot more people like me than I realize. So I have decided to start my first post on my progression.

My uphill battles my success and my failures. And of course, the company that is helping me

 Wealthy Affiliate

. I can say this with no reservations about W.A. This is one of the best online affiliate programs on the web today. I have done a lot of research on the online overbearing companies trying to hook you

. They are ruthless and cut throat as any company could be. But that is not the direction that I am not going into today. I am going to talk about my short but rewarding experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. So I had been looking for an online business with hardly any start-up capital.

I soon found myself bombarded with companies from Survey taking other Affiliated  programs. Promising me everything under the sun. Selling Vitamins,Word Phrases, T-shirts you name it. E-mails by the dozen it was overwhelming

. When I started with W.A. I soon realized that I was not just an e-mail or a number I had become a member I soon realized that I became a part of something.The information and the building blocks. Simply put you learn that helping someone is helping you.

So with that i would like to thank you for taking the time to read my pages and if there is anything i can help you with please feel free to ask