Offline – Online Scams For 2016

Top 6 Online Scams!

So I figured that I should give everyone a heads up Of the 6 biggest scams for the year 2016 Some are offline and online scams .So with that here is the first one.


1st.Identity  Theft is reported that it is one of the top 5 most complained about financial scams. It’s not only bad in that it hurts you financially. But also  your credit is ruined your livelihood is in shambles.


2nd. Internet Money Laundering: Is becoming more and more common especially for people that are unemployed and looking for work.They become desperate in there search so they become desperate.  For those types of jobs that ask for any type of money transaction. Whether it be cashing checks or depositing money It would be best to get an opinion


3rd.Bank Draft Scams a lot of these types of scams pop up in the job seekers and people buying stuff from like Craig’s List. If someone wants to pay you in a cashiers check. Offer to go to the bank so you can get cash or if the check is made out to more than what the original price was agreed upon. That’s a red flag.


4th. Policy Procurement This is the type of fraud that involves insurance policies.This not only hurts the insurance companies but also the policy holders.It starts with the ability to purchase policies online in which before. You had to show that you were who you said you were As now policies being purchased by people who otherwise wouldn’t be accepted by the insurance companies.Which in turn do false claims. Which drives the price of the policies up.


5th. Offline Scams Flood /Fire Mitigation I have a little bit of experience with this business. A business such as this can be very lucrative especially during times of disasters such as floods, tornadoes. Any type of disaster in which needs clean up services. As many as 10 times the number of businesses such as these have popped up. Marking up the price as much as five times. Which in turn causes the insurance companies to have to raise there deductibles.


6th. Fake Online Speeding  Tickets This scam is primarily targeting drivers from the U.K. and not so much in the U.S. give it time though. So how this one works is they scammers send out e-mails claiming to have photographic proof of you speeding. And the government that is in charge is allowing them a certain amount to pay. But if they go ahead and pay they will get a discount and they won’t get tagged for it.


So  there you have it the top 6 scams unfortunately this is 6 of hundreds and maybe even thousands of scams that are on and offline that go on every day.  Must be very vigilant and always be prepared to ask questions.


So with that my name is Schilo and you know who I am.


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