Good morning so this post is going to give you an insight on how hard it is for someone that has a record to get a job. Well a little something about myself is that I am one of the millions in the U.S.with a record. So all begin with how long has it been that you got your felony and the circumstances and severity obviously your not going to go apply for a cashier position when you have a felony in forgery or robbery. Even if it is all you have done in the past It may be time to change professions.So I guess all start by telling you that honesty is the best measure  (JUST REMEMBER)  When is the key to receiving employment from that company.

Although some experts say  it is better to write down your felonies on the application? No. It is better to write that will discuss during interview It almost gives you a little edge there curios they want to know what you did to pick up the charges you have.

Imagine if all our charges were wiped off and we al started with a clean slate. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. I have always used Craig’s list. Whether you feel qualified and they say they do back ground try any way a lot of times they are looking for certain things in your back ground that dis qualifies you.

So for example you apply for a maintenance position remember if you have no assault charges or kid charges you could possibly qualify for that position. So don’t get frustrated remember we all make mistakes some of us just got caught and some of us didn’t. One thing before I forget is that a lot of times we may not get the ideal position that we think we deserve. Think about the potential employer he is taking a risk your a high turn over ratio. And with that here is a company that does not judge who you are. The best part about it is you never really meet your associates or your potential customers you basically become a middle man for companies like Amazon, Click bank, Share A Sale Even companies like Safeway.


Here is a link to them look give it a try you never know you may not have to go out and hustle we all  know what that”s about. YOU FEEL ME!!




  1. Hi there! I just finished reading your article on finding a job with a record and thought I would just share my thoughts.

    I know how hard things can be to find employment with a record as one of my close friends was recently put in this position. Although his crime wasn’t too serious, the consequences of not being able to get employment are making things very difficult for him.

    I like your suggestion here about Wealthy Affiliate. I too have joined this amazing website and cannot praise the training enough. It really is an excellent opportunity that everyone can benefit from, even if you do have a criminal record.

    1. Hey Thank you for the comment it can be pretty hard especially those of us that like ink and just seeing those the employer will judge you on that alone.. Especially when you got a name like Lucille written across your neck. Thank you again

  2. I don’t have a record, but I can understand how hard it would be for someone with a record, its hard enough just to find a job now days, but yes I like the idea of laying it all out on the table at the interview, I have found that if you are up front with employers, they will be more honest with you

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